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Examples of radiation scrap


Very beautiful thing - a sextant (or sextant) is named who how likes anymore - that names so. Often meets in the apartments of worldly-wise old salts as a wall toy. The scales of devices, produced to 70th, are executed with the use of phosphor of permanent action on the basis of salts of radium-226 (Ra-226). Dose rate of gamma-radiation is visible on a device (natural background - 0,1 mkSv/h).
Danger: possibility of contamination radium and his daughter's products of disintegration of hands, clothes and all what will want. Mainly is gas radon which is emanated from this device will get in lights. What to do does not stand categorically: to seize him with bare hands, to take apart, scratch a paint and rather to pull home...

icing sensor
Sensor of icing of type RIO-3. Can meet on the air fields, repair shops and even on the roof of your house. Contains a very decent source on the basis of strontium-90 (Sr-90). A dosimeter feels him already on a meter. What to do and not do - vide supra. Pleasantness of this device consists only of that if he is not blasted - that it is possible to be on the defensive a screen, not gassed, contamination will not be...
Watch for diver. All that it is possible to say about them, it is said in a section about a sextant...
And this thing, also containing source with radium-226 in general incomprehensible setting...
Here interesting exhibit... Can will meet in the places of location soldiery, parts of civil defence well and in general simply in a scrap-metal - sizes can be other - more but form approximately the same. Inwardly there is a source on the basis of caesium-137 (Cs-137). The stuck to such piece on distances nearer of meter is not needed. Power of dose in a centimetre from such sources can be calculated from 1 and more Rontgen in a hour (on a picture - 1.2 R/h) Such sources were used (and used) in test lines for a check of dosimeters...
Container laboratory. Inwardly can be whatever. An uncle used this container as an anchor for a boat, when fishing...
Here these things are attachments on aiming adaptations of Kalashnikov gun for firing at night. That is used source on the basis of radium-226. Meet in an enormous amount on storages of rifle armament. Dose rate on a centimetre - to 6 mR/h...
Breech-sight for mortar...
And yet is this thing - from a gamma-therapeutic vehicle RAY-1, year of issue - 1968. Half-ton of the depleted uranium. Inwardly cobalt-60 (Co-60). Activity is 4800 Curies...
It is a miracle - am not that other, as a block of gamma-source of type of E. E - probably because Estonian, produced on Tallin instrument-making factory, was for sale all Isotopes of country (by Tashkent including) Are 4 types - E-1M, E-2M, E-3M, E-4M. The easiest - 4 is a kilogram about 40, and 1 - 160. Serious thing - dose rate in a bunch from him on a 1 meter can arrive at 1,5 - 2 Rontgen per a hour Caesium-137 (Cs-137).
Attention!!! Similar things can meet even wherein about a radiation heard only by hearsay - here little list of places where they were seen: mines, boiler rooms, conveyer lines of ore mining and processing productions, bunkers, cement factories, crush factories, tanks with water, conveyers of distilleries, laboratories...
And caught in a scrap-metal. BGI-60 is setting - what "E" - vide supra. A source is used is a caesium-137, activity an about 0,2 Curie - EDR on 1 see from a source - about 200 R/h. From a block - 4 mR/h... Weigh are 56 kg, here someone on a scrap-metal and handed over...

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