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Influence of electromagnetic fields on living organisms

In prehistoric times, on sunset humanity, first "homo-sapiens" traded a collector, used in write raw meat, got dressed in the hides of the killed zoons, lived in caves, moved by clean land exceptionally on it two or simpler - satisfied that was them it is given. Did a bit time pass, correlative age of our planet, and what we have? Waking up in the morning we go to the kitchen, warm up food in a microwave stove, include an electric tea-pot, dry hairs by a hair dryer, put a mobile telephone on charger. Breakfasting we look through a window and see the buzzing line of electric transmissions, under which a streetcar passed vividly, alongside... In the workplace a little background is audible from workings electric devices - our little, clever helpers.

Electric energy is the greatest opening of humanity which civilization in its today's kind would not exist without. This type of energy is widely used humanity, but a stick has two ends... The electromagnetic field (electromagnetic radiation) always arises up at motion of lone electrons in a conductor, therefore the transmission of electric energy is accompanied an intensive electromagnetic radiation.

In certain cases more pernicious influence has an electromagnetic radiation on a living organism, what radiation radiation. The point is that a radiation background was on our planet always and in set times (and here and there and now) his level was higher what in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The level of the electromagnetic field of earth with every year is only increased, that is related to human activity. On territory of the CIS general extent only LET-500 kV exceeds a 20000 km (besides LET-150, LET-300, LET-750). Lines of electricity transmissions and some other power settings are created by the electromagnetic fields of industrial frequencies (50 Hertzs) in hundreds of one times above average level of the natural fields. Field tension under LET can arrive at ten of thousands of V/m. Most tension of the field is observed in the place of the maximal sagging of wires, in the point of projection of extreme wires on earth and in five meters from it outside from the longitudinal axis of route: for example, for LET-330 kV Ц from 3,5 to 5 kV/m, for LET - 500 kV Ц from 7,6 to 8 kV/m, for LET-750 kV Ц from 10 to 15 kV/m.

Negative affecting of the electromagnetic fields man and on one or another parts of ekosistem in direct ratio powers of the field and time of irradiation. Unfavorable influence of the electromagnetic field, created LET, shows up already at tension of the field, equal 1 kV/m. For a man work of the endocrine system, exchange processes, functions of head and spinal brain and other, is violated.

To the present tense, it is known from data of environmentalists and doctors-hygienists, that all ranges of electromagnetic radiation have influence on a health and capacity of people and have remote consequences. Affecting of the electromagnetic fields man by virtue of their large prevalence more dangerous, than radiation. The electric fields of industrial frequency surround a man round clock, due to radiations from the electric wiring, lighting facilities, domestic electric appliances, lines of electricity transmissions and other. Power loading from electromagnetic radiations in industry and in the way of life increases constantly in connection with swift expansion of network of sources of the physical fields of electromagnetic nature, and also with the increase of their powers. A man is not able physically to feel circumferential his electromagnetic field, however much it causes diminishing of his adaptive backlogs, decline of immunity, to the capacity, under his influence the syndrome of chronic fatigue develops for a man, the risk of diseases is increased. The action of electromagnetic radiations on children, teenagers, expectant mothers and persons is especially dangerous with a hyposthenic health.

Possible mechanisms of biological action of the electromagnetic field...

Mechanism of action of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms until now finally not deciphered. There are a few hypotheses, explaining the biological action of the electromagnetic field. Mainly they are taken to induction of currents in fabrics and direct influence of the field at cellular level, above all things with his influence on diaphragm structures. It is assumed that under the action of the electromagnetic field speed of diffusion can change through biological membranes, orientation and confirmation of biological macromols, in addition, state of electronic structure of free radicals. Presumably, the mechanisms of biological action of the electromagnetic field have, mainly, heterospecific character and related to the change activity of the regulator systems of organism.

Influence of electromagnetic radiation on chemical reactions...

Living organisms are the difficult heterogeneous systems a leading role belongs to the biocolloids and physical and chemical reactions in which. On the basis of continuous long-term researches a few it was rotined by scientists, that speed of reactions in the colloid systems depends on sun activity and location in relation to geomagnetical poles, thus principal reason of it is a change under influence of the electromagnetic field of properties of water - general component of reactions in living and lifeless objects.

Influence of electromagnetic radiation on cell...

By a target for initiation of any adapting effect, above all things, there are membranes, plazmatic and intracellular, limiting different organoids and intracellular components. The large sensitiveness of cellular membranes is known to the action of the most different chemical and physical agents, including to the irradiation. Morphological and functional violations of membranes are revealed practically right after an irradiation and at very small doses. The change of ionic composition, arising up here, can initiate proliferativnye processes in a cage. Besides a change permeability of biological membranes and acceleration of active transport of cations of sodium, under influence of electromagnetic radiation there is activating of peroxidation of the unsaturated fat acids and disconnector of processes of oxidization and phosphorylating in mitochondrions.

It is assumed that all these changes at the level of cage develop on next reasons:

The electromagnetic field affects the charged particles and currents, because of what the field energy at the level of cage will be transformed in other types of energy. Atoms and molecules in the electric field are polarized, arctic molecules are oriented to direction of distribution of the magnetic field. In electrolytes which liquid constituents of fabrics are, after influence of the external field there are ionic currents. The variable electric field is caused by heating of fabrics of living organisms both due to variable polarization of dielectric (tendons, cartilages, bones) and due to appearance of currents of conductivity. A thermal effect is investigation of absorption of energy of the electromagnetic field. What anymore the field tension and time of influence, the the indicated effects are stronger expressed. To the size in 10 mVt/mcode, de bene esse accepted for a thermal threshold, a surplus heat is taken due to the mechanism of thermoregulation. In addition, the sensitiveness of organs to the overheat is determined their structure. The organs of sight, brain, buds, bilious and urinary bubble, are most sensible to the overheat.

Influence of the electromagnetic field on the nervous system...

The first experimental researches on influence of the electromagnetic field on the nervous system were conducted in the USSR. In the monographs of professor Yu.A. Kholodov is published results of his long-term researches on issue of influence of the electromagnetic and magnetic fields on a cns. The presence of direct action of the electromagnetic field was set on a brain, membranes of neurons, memory, conditional-reflex activity. In model experiments possibility of influence of the weak electromagnetic fields is rotined on the processes of synthesis in nervous cages. The distinct changes of impul'sacii of crust neurons are got, resulting in violation of transferrable information in more difficult structures of brain. R.I. Krutikov is exposed, that at influence of the electromagnetic field violation of brief memory can develop in a super-high-frequency range.

Influence of electromagnetic radiation on the immune system...

The given enough is presently accumulated, indicative on that at influence of the electromagnetic field the processes of immunogenesis are violated. It is set that character of infectious process changes under influence of the electromagnetic field, there are violations of proteometabolism, there is a decline of maintenance of albumens and increase of gamma-globulins in blood. In addition, the electromagnetic field can come forward as an allergen or starting factor, causing heavy reactions for sick allergikov at a contact with the electromagnetic field.

Influence of the electromagnetic field on the sexual system...

The function of spermatogenesis goes down under influence of electromagnetic radiation, a menstrual cycle changes, embryonic development is slowed, there are innate deformities for new-born children and diminishing of lactation at feedings mothers.

Influence of the weak electromagnetic fields on living organisms...

Weak electromagnetic fields at intensity less threshold of thermal effect also influence on changes in living fabric. Research on biological influence of cellular telephone, computer block and other electronic facilities conducted in a number of the Russian scientific centers, including - and on the biological faculty of the Moscow state university. Thus harmfulness of electronic facilities was checked up both in a worker and in the turned off state of device, including without facilities of power supply.

Results of the conducted researches as evaluated by affecting of cellular telephone, computer and other modern radio electronic facilities different organisms both in a worker and in the turned off state appeared unencouraging and rotined their uttery negative influence on the state of biological objects, which showed up:
- in the decline of motive activity and survivability of microorganisms;
- in the increase of death rate of microorganisms;
- in worsening of regeneration of fabrics;
- in violation of embryonic and larval development;
- in the decline of biochemical reactions, violation of metabolism;
- in the decline of power potential in all vitally important systems of organism.