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Payment by cash (for natural persons):

- directly on receiving of goods.

- by transfer of money through bank.

Payment by written order (for juridical person with WAT or without WAT):

- previously we specify the order, its value and time of delivery by phone or e-mail.

- by fax or e-mail buyer provides details of company to which we should bill.

- we bill and send its copy by fax or e-mail.

- buyer pays the bill and sends us copy of attorney letter on receipt of good by fax or e-mail (if need).

- after receipt money to the account we make the delivery of goods. Together with goods we provide to the buyer the following: original invoice, disbursement bill of lading in duplicate, for VAT payer - tax invoice, copy of certificates and other documents (if need).

- after receiving of goods buyer undersigns disbursement bills of lading (signature in attorney letter on receipt of good and in disbursement bills of lading must be identical) and returns one copy of disbursement bill of lading and original attorney letter. Return of disbursement bill of lading and attorney letter may be performed by registered letter.