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 Radiometer-dosimeter RKS-01 "STORA-TU" (new with bluetooth) + rod

RKS-01 "Stora-TU"


RKS-01 "Stora-TU" kit

This dosimeter-radiometer is an improved version of the radiometer RKS-01 "STORA-TU" - they have identical measuring circuit, and can be used for implementation of analogical tasks: measuring ionizing radiation including dose rate of gamma-radiation and surface flux density of beta-particles. Additionally the functions of clock and illuminating of display are realized in a radiometer. A radiometer also shows discharge of power supply elements. In a radiometer the values of threshold levels for dose rate of gamma-radiation and surface flux density of beta-particles are programmed. A radiometer is given single tonality signal (may be swithed off) at the hit of gamma-quantum or beta particle in a detector and signal of two tonalities at exceeding of the programmed threshold levels.Additionally, the screen displays the type of radiation being measured, its magnitude and intensity, the current measurement error in %, time or timer, battery power, the threshold beyond which the alarm will be activated.

A radiometer is used for dosimetric survey on industrial enterprises, for ecological researches, for control of radiation cleanness of dwellings apartments, buildings and premises, adjoining to them territories, objects, clothes, building materials, surface of soil on the small holdings, transport vehicles, money and coins, for the estimation of radiation contamination of forest berries and mushrooms, fish and meat, as a visual aid for educational establishments and servces of CD.

Major advantage of this device is that in his corps the 4 Geiger counters are placed instead one. Due to it a radiometer has an enhanceable sensitiveness, corresponds the row of normative requirements and can be used for control of scrap-metal. Additionally, this unit has water-proof housing that allows measurements in the rain or snow. Device can be fastened on a folding telescopic rod (length of rod from 30 cm to 1 m, weight 0,3 kg), that allows to conduct the comfortable measuring of radiocontammant in difficult for access places and at a terrene. Thanks to the built-in memory allows you to log dosimeter measurements and store custom settings when power is turned off. This model of dosimeter has a connection with a computer, which is used for transfer the log measurements in off-line mode (the special software is supplied in a complete set with a device). A bag made of dence fabric supply for carrying of device on a shoulder and his protecting from dirt and hits.

Radiometer is submitted to the State Register of measuring instruments of Ukraine, so in the case of perform of the official measuring its subject a periodic check with frequency not rarer than 1 time per a year.

Detector type / (quantity)
Geiger tube
SBM-20 / (4)
Measurement of equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma-radiation
0,1 - 999,9 mkSv/h
Measurement error for EDR of gamma-radiation
15 and more
Measurement of accumulated equivalent dose (ED) of gamma-radiation
Measurement error for ED of gamma-radiation
Registered energies of gamma-radiation
50 keV - 3,0 MeV
Flux density of beta-particles
5 - 100 000 part./(cm2*min)
Measure error for flux density of beta-particles
20 and more
Registered energies of beta-radiation
0,5 - 3,0 MeV
Range of working temperatures
Index of protection
drop protection
Time of work from one set of batteries
2500 hours
Type (number) of battery
AAA (2)
Build-in memory
Communication with PC
connection with PC
yes (bluetooth)
Additional functions
Overall sizes
1557035 mm
440 g
Estimated period of service
6 years
Guarantee term of exploitation
18 month
Sertification (periodic check)
state calibration
yes (12 month)