Dosimeters, radiometers
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 Dosimeter-radiometer individual DKG-21


9306 UAH

DKG-21 kit

Dosimeter-radiometer is intended for measuring ionizing radiation including dose rate of gamma-radiation, accumulated dose. Additionally the functions of clock and alarm clock, blocking (through the personal Computer) of hand shutdown of power supply are realized in a dosimeter. A dosimeter also shows discharge of power supply elements and performs the periodic self testing of power supply elements and detector. In a dosimeter the values of threshold levels for dose rate of gamma-radiation (default value: 1 mkSv/h) and accumulated dose are programmed. A dosimeter is given signal of two tonalities at exceeding of the programmed threshold levels.

A dosimeter is used for dosimetric survey on industrial enterprises, on the enterprises of atomic energy, in physical laboratories, in establishments of health protection, and also by a inhabitants as an electronic direct reading dosimeter for round-the-clock control of the dose loadings on a man. A dosimeter can be used as in composition the automated systems of individual dosimetric control ASIDC-21, so as an autonomous device.

A dosimeter is a very compact (it is possible to carry in a purse or breast pocket or special cover which supply with device) and light device, having a large term of work. In a dosimeter is realized possibility of record of measurings results in the energyindependent memory and subsequent transmission of measuring results (on a communication IR-channel) in the personal computer for an analysis (on a computer the special software which is acquired separately from a dosimeter must be set). Device submitted to the State Register of measuring instruments of Ukraine, so in the case of perform of the official measuring it's subject a periodic check with frequency not rarer than 1 time per a year.

Detector type / (quantity)
Geiger tube
SBM-21 / (1)
Measurement of equivalent dose rate (EDR) of gamma-radiation
0,1 - 1 000 000 mkSv/h
Measurement error for EDR of gamma-radiation
15 and more
Measurement of accumulated equivalent dose (ED) of gamma-radiation
accumulated dose
1 mkSv - 9999 mSv
Measurement error for ED of gamma-radiation
15 and more
Registered energies of gamma-radiation
50 keV - 6,0 MeV
Flux density of beta-particles
Measure error for flux density of beta-particles
Registered energies of beta-radiation
Range of working temperatures
Index of protection
Time of work from one set of batteries
1400 hours
Type (number) of battery
R2450 (1)
Build-in memory
Communication with PC
connection with PC
yes (IR-port)
Additional functions
alarm clocksleeping mode
clock + alarm clock, "sleeping mode"
Overall sizes
86549 mm
80 g
Estimated period of service
10 years
Guarantee term of exploitation
18 month
Sertification (periodic check)
state calibration
yes (12 month)