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Radiation monitoring system SRK-AT2327

Device-Warner SRK-AT2327 is produced the Byelorussian enterprise of Atomtekh and provides the construction of the flexible and reliable multichannel stationary system, intended for control of radiation situation on territory radiation dangerous objects, territories and apartments, leadthrough of the radiation monitoring of environment.


Device-Warner is built on the basis of intellectual blocks of detection (DB) of gamma-radiation of BDKG-02, BDKG-04, BDKG-11/1, BDKG-27 and neutron radiation of BDKN-02, BDKN-04. The blocks of detection – it fully independent devices, carrying out measuring of power of dose of gamma- and neutron radiation and fluence neutrons with an interval 2 seconds and managers voice and light signaling, intended for notification of personnel about the origin of radiation danger. Information with DB is passed on a control stand (CS) on the interface of RS485 or in PC on the interfaces of RS232 or USB (through an interface adapter).

On CS represented value of measurand in the point of control any chosen DB and real time. Exceeding of threshold levels or refuse of any component of the system is accompanied voice and light signals with pointing on a board CS areas of critical situation. CS provides the fluidizer of thresholds each DB, control of the state of DB, correction of real-time clocks, defence of the set functions with password, viewing of histories of change power of dose and exceeding of the set threshold levels in every control point..

To every block of detection an informative board can be connected for the reflection of measuring results, preventive reports and information about current time and ambient temperature.

During organization of the system with the use of PC, software allows to produce tuning and change system configuration, read-out of information and their analysis. On the screen of computer the plan of the controlled object and value of power of dose of gamma-radiation hatches in the controlled points which appear as charts and tables. Exceeding of threshold levels on DB of the system or refuse of any component of the system represented on the screen and accompanied voice signals.

The measurings ductings of this radiation checking system are subject a periodic check with frequency not rarer than 1 time per a year. Guarantee: 12 months.

In the complement of Device-Warner complete acquisition enter: blocks of detection of gamma-radiation, blocks of detection of neutron radiation, control stand, devices of signaling, terminal boxes, switchboards, an adapter is an interface, a source of feed or adapter is a network, stand of verification of blocks of detection. The complete set of delivery is specified at an order.